Wednesday, 25 March 2015

only little problem are the technicals, wait for correction and we are done, we go 1250 +++ 1193 is the pivot 1182 - 1183 support, correction should breack down to my levels and go straight up, this is why i'm plcing pending buy and not looking for market orders below 1170. Some people here talking about South Shia rebels beeing attacked by Saudi Arabia, but they don't know why is this bad for Gold they are wrong ... South Shia rebels arms are supplyed by Russia, and Saudi Arabia back up by USA. USA closed the free economic agreement with the EU last year, including energy agreements, this realted directly with Shale Gas operation plants in Ukraine, this is how the Ucrainian conflict Started, now the 1 of april Ucraine will just stop buying gas from Russia, so Russia is selling guns to anyone who needs to fight against the US, this is bad for gold good for the US, they will not fight directly, since last year we are in the Cold War part2.

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